Transition Planning

The only constant in the nonprofit world is change.

Eventually every leader moves on. Whether it’s expected or unexpected, planning for a smooth transition is challenging. With DRG, you will always have an expert in your corner.

Succession Planning

In the hustle of everyday work, it’s hard to focus on actively developing a succession plan. Often, transitions are expected. Sometimes, they arise unexpectedly. Enter DRG. You’ve taken great pains to hire great people—DRG teams up with you to identify potential and create a strategic succession development plan.


Onboarding and Talent Integration

Onboarding is critically important. The experience in those first few weeks and months of employment can shape how quickly team members hit the ground running. DRG helps you create a thoughtful, comprehensive approach to onboarding new team members and integrating them into the culture in a way that they quickly become highly productive contributors to your organization.


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