DEI Commitment

At DRG, we're committed to fostering equity with integrity.

We understand that DEI is fundamental to your organization – it is to ours, too. We are constantly learning and unlearning, collaborating and innovating, and working hard to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace and culture. This work is woven into who we are, and our highest priority is to help our clients think deeply about diversity, courageously about equity and deliberately about inclusion. When we do this work, only then can we succeed in our purpose.

Our Commitment to Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion

DRG is committed to making a difference in the talent sector by maintaining a deep and intentional focus on equity in everything we do and how we do it. As part of our team, we have an internal DEI consultant who leads anti-oppression trainings on race, gender, LGBTQIA+, disability justice, and other topics to educate our team and inform our equity strategy. This work grounds us in the understanding that if we do not look inward, we have no right to look outward.  We take what we learn and try to incorporate an equity lens in all of our services. We have an organizational psychologist to ensure that we design talent- assessments with thoughtful questions that help to remove cultural, gender, and other biases. We lead our clients through Interviewing with Reduced Bias training – challenging all interviewers to identify, call out, and avoid bias around decision making. Our customized research and outreach strategies identify candidates from commonly marginalized communities to ensure that we identify the best talent reflecting a diversity of race, ethnicities, religion, backgrounds, and experiences.

DEI Statement

We believe that in order to promote equity in the nonprofit community, we have a responsibility to engage in both internal and external work aimed at ending systemic oppression. Through such efforts we hope to foster a more equitable job market and a more inclusive work environment and culture.

We believe that the work to undo the many forms of oppression that exist is both necessary and hard; acknowledging this means that we will continue to educate ourselves, our clients, and our communities as a first step towards making lasting systemic change. We aim to hold ourselves and those around us accountable in the fight for social justice. This learning process is vital to both our professional and personal lives. No matter how uncomfortable the journey, we know that discomfort is where real growth occurs.

Our hope is that the work our team is doing internally to strengthen our knowledge, education, and perception will provide a solid foundation as we look to make an impact with our clients as individuals and search committees, and on the nonprofit sector as a whole.