Organizational Consulting

Getting it right is mission critical.

Our talent experts know how much is riding on building your talent infrastructure. From the start, we give you the expert support you need. We help nurture the right team, the right way.

Organizational Design

We assess your organization’s strengths, pain points, and key challenges to better align your strategy, structure, and culture. We conduct a strategic review of your organizational design, evaluate it against your objectives, and then team up with you to shape an action plan for creating meaningful change that helps you achieve your mission.


Talent Assessments

People are the heartbeat of every nonprofit organization. Our talent assessments ensure you’ll create the team you need to advance your strategy. We uncover opportunities to recruit, reposition, and nurture the talent you have and the talent you’re looking for. Together, we assess your talent goals and how they can best achieve your objectives.


Compensation Analysis and Strategy

We get how critical it is to get compensation right. DRG works with you to understand current perceptions about how you compensate your team. We conduct detailed equity analysis and benchmarking to create a compensation strategy and shape the right action plan to communicate, evaluate, and update your new strategy over time.


Cultural Assessment and Change

Culture is dynamic and can change over time—which is one reason organizations need a consulting firm with a thoughtful approach to understanding and shaping it.

DRG can help you assess your current culture and its impact on your organization’s ability to advance its mission, identify the gap between where you are today and where you want to be, assess readiness for change, and engage employees in envisioning, planning, and advancing positive transformation.


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