Team Effectiveness

Making the investment
that delivers really big returns.

Teams tend to be more satisfied with their work and their employer when the team runs effectively. That’s why investing in executive and non-executive development and coaching can deliver really big returns for your organization.

360º Assessments

DRG customizes the 360º assessment process to the organization and to the team members receiving feedback. We work closely with you all through the assessment process to ensure a tailored, positive, and productive experience with the goal of providing actionable insights and coaching for professional development.


Team Building

When your team feels they’re making a positive contribution and their skills are reaching new levels of sophistication, their self-worth grows; and the work they deliver becomes more effective. Our team-building services include action plans to improve effectiveness, individual, or group coaching and targeted professional development.


Leadership Development

Great organizations have great leaders. Our focused leadership development workshops and topic-specific follow-up coaching gives leaders at foundations and nonprofits the tools to accelerate their effectiveness, so they can become the best they can be.


Executive Coaching

An investment in executive coaching signals your commitment to your key leadership. Our executive coaching services for nonprofits are highly customized and curated to each executive’s goals, strengths, and developmental areas.


Board Effectiveness

DRG works with your board to harness the diversity of their skills for the good of the organization. We work together with them to spotlight ways they can be good stewards and a guiding force in support of your organization’s leadership team.


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