Meet the Experts: Tani Weissman

Great work comes from great people. And we could not do the work we do at DRG without the many experts that contribute to our team.

Meet Tani Weissman, one of our Talent Consulting experts.

What is your role within DRG?

I am a Senior Talent Consultant with a focus on leading executive searches. I’m proud to say that I am a generalist. I have worked with a really wide-range of clients and organizations across different sectors in the nonprofit landscape, but I especially enjoy working with education and youth-focused institutions.

More recently, I have also begun working with colleagues internally with a focus on enhancing and streamlining DRG’s business development strategies.

What would you want organizations to know about DRG?

DRG is an amazing place to work. I’ve worked at DRG for nearly 7 years (which makes me the second longest-tenured employee) and it has been remarkable being a part of our growth and evolution as a company. Also, we’re all going to Mexico together in January. Enough said.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

To try and find the balance between humility and confidence. Although my parents aren’t preachy, I am fortunate that they’ve been a model to me as it relates to this concept. It’s especially important for our work at DRG. We are always looking to find that balance- to be able to listen to our clients and candidates, mindfully draw conclusions, and help guide them with confidence.

What brings you joy in your free time?

Most of my time is spent with my wife Jordana and our two boys Cobi (2) and Isaac (4 months).

I picked up tennis during the pandemic and I’ve been playing consistently for the last two years. I’m slowly getting back into playing basketball, which is my original (and true) love. My brothers and I are beginning to “train” for a tournament in February.

Which book/movie/tv show/podcast etc. is at the top of your list right now?

TV: With a newborn, I’ve had plenty of time to jump into a lot of TV (at all hours of the night). I just finished The Sopranos and I’m in the middle of Breaking Bad. Better late than never. Both epic shows.

Podcasts: I’ve got a long list but I’ll plug my brother’s podcast – Unpacking Israeli History. Highly recommended.

Books: I just re-read The Choice – an incredibly inspiring and empowering memoir written by Dr. Edith Eger. AND I also just finished P is for Potty by Elmo. So good.

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