Setting up a treasured educational nonprofit for long-term success with leadership transition planning and creation of a new strategic plan and organizational structure.


Gateways provides high-quality special education services, expertise, and support to enable students with diverse learning needs to succeed in Jewish educational settings and participate meaningfully in Jewish life. Gateways’ long-term CEO was transitioning out of the organization – a pivotal point in organizational history. Gateways felt it was the right time to do an in-depth strategic review of its internal organizational structure as well as positioning the organization to attract and nurture great talent moving forward.


DRG talent consulting experts conducted a detailed strategic review and positioning of the organization, helping to inform a new organizational design and structure that would help the organization succeed over the long term. Our team assisted with transition planning, helping the Executive Director prepare for transition and effectively transitioning in the new CEO. DRG also facilitated strategic planning with the leadership and the board as part of this comprehensive process.


Working closely with the Gateways team and board, DRG helped the new CEO, Tamar Davis, to transition effectively. We assisted in the creation of a new strategic plan designed to define opportunities that advance Gateways’ inclusion work. We also helped Gateways with a retooled organizational structure that better sets up the organization to effectively achieve its mission for many years to come.