Center for Appellate Litigation
Executive Director
New York, NY
August 16, 2022

The Center for Appellate Litigation (CAL) is the preeminent appellate public defender in New York. Since the founding in 1998, the mission of CAL has been the pursuit of equal justice under the law for indigent New Yorkers in their criminal appeals and other post-conviction proceedings. CAL believes all people deserve dignity, respect, and the right to be heard and treated fairly when their liberty has been taken from them or threatened, regardless of their ability to pay for an attorney.

The Executive Director will be responsible for positioning the Center for Appellate Litigation as New York State’s premier appellate legal services provider; generating new sources of revenue for sustainable, long-term growth; collaboratively defining a DEI vision and agenda for CAL; and for setting organization-wide strategy to strengthen CAL’s work.

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