Gather, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer
Washington D.C.
June 20, 2023

Growing from the success of hyperlocal GatherDC’s relational engagement methodology, Gather, Inc. is a new project that trains change agents in the Jewish community to bring a relationship-centered approach to every aspect of their work, prioritizing the quality of Jewish connections and experiences over attendance. Their lived commitment to this relational methodology enables their clients to become ongoing partners in helping people access and create meaningful Jewish life wherever they seek it. They do this by reorienting the definition of success: the depth and breadth of the relationships they build with and among their community members.

Gather, Inc. seeks a visionary leader to bring their talents, aspirations and initiative to lead and grow the organization. Gather, Inc. is at a pivotal moment in the organization’s growth because of its recent expansion and positioning to be a national organization. This moment is an exciting time for a strong, experienced, and mission driven professional.

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